Energy Management Optimization

    Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management / Energy Performance Management software integrated with your organizations SCADA or MOM programs, offers one of the best returns on investment available today in both the Private & Public Industrial Sectors.

    Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management / Energy Performance Management program provides the capability to monitor, in real time, the key operating parameters and health statistics of a plant's key critical assets. “Additionally, it provides the ability to view and manage the total operating condition, including energy usage and maintenance costs, allowing the organization to optimize their use of these high cost assets and minimize their impact on the plant, the environment, and the citizens of the service area. 

    Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management / Energy Performance Management provides the structural framework from policy to the plug, to ensure optimal operating performance while continually improving energy performance – saving money, improving operational effectiveness, and being a good steward of the environment. With Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management / Energy Performance Management  you can link efficiency to expense reduction and profitability for a “win-win”.


“Being Energy Efficient is Simply Smart”

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